Dog Agility Training

Do you know what dog agility training is? Is this something you would consider for you and your pet? Agility training for dogs can be a lot of fun for both the canine and the master. It is a way to have fun while allowing your dog to exercise (or show off). Learn more today.

The first thing that you must understand is just because you want your dog to do this that does not mean it is right for your dog. Dog agility training and competitions are not for every canine out there. Specifically they are not for puppies under 8 months old or dogs older than 8 years old. Also, certain kinds of dogs just will not be able to do this. For instance, if your dog has shorter legs they cannot compete in any of the exercises that have jumping involved. If your dog has a short or small nose, they should not compete either as it is a health risk as they would have a difficult time breathing during the events.

So now you know what types of dogs can participate in dog agility training programs – but do you know why they should? What are the benefits to the dogs? Well if your dog has an abundance of energy and loves to either exercise or play this should help their well being. Look at agility training as an amusement park or playground for your dog. Your dog gets to run around, exercise and play while learning cool tricks. Another good way to look at it is as track and field for canines.

Before you start training you will need to make sure your dog not only falls within the right age group but is mentally mature as well. It is important to have an obedient dog to start with, or training will not get off the ground. You can either buy a god agility training kit yourself or if you can afford it you can hire a dog trainer. The choice is up to you.

There are many kits on the market for this purpose. If you are purchasing a dog agility training kit online or elsewhere you are probably going to want to start with a starter kit. Starter kits usually contain 15 – 20 different obstacles. These obstacles will either be weaves, jumps or contacts.  After your dog has mastered the starter kit at this point you can think about buying additional equipment such as tire jumps, obidence jumps, agility jumps and more.

At some point you are going to need to decide whether this is just a fun way to spend time with your dog and allow him or her some extra exercise and play time or if you want to have your dog compete as well.  If you do decide to include competitions in your dogs life you should truly make sure they are ready. Even if you spent months practicing and learning dog agility training techniques and tricks, this does not mean they are ready.

Before entering in a competition you should really make sure the time is right. During dog agility training you are your dog probably trained in only one or two spots. Well the spot your canine learned to do everything in will not be where they compete. So if you really want to enter your dog in a competition you should practice in other spots beforehand. Also before you enter make sure you have thoughly read all the rules to the specific competition beforehand. You would not want your dog getting disqualified because you were unaware of the rules!